We've designed two consulting packages
to help you and your doggy daycare or dog wash business

Keith and Patrycia Miller own Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws Dog Wash. Both businesses are located in Minneapolis, MN and are highly successful. We are often asked for advice on how to open a doggy daycare or dog wash.



Two hours of phone or Skype consulting including the following topics:

  • Estimated start-up cost and monthly expenses to expect
  • Pricing recommendations 
  • Safety recommendations
  • Selecting a location & zoning
  • Client and pet release forms, non-disclosure, non-compete
  • Marketing and website design
  • Recommended inventory for startup
  • Licenses, permits and insurances needed
  • How to bring extra revenue into your dog day care or dog wash
  • How to handle the dogs properly
  • Recommended flooring and soundproofing
  • Recommended disinfectant
  • Sample of client questionnaire technology and webcam information
  • Example of dog day care layouts* 
  • Sample of day care policies* 
  • Daily charts for a smooth running day care*
  • How to screen dogs for day care*
  • Recommended dog / employee ratio* 
  • Recommended outdoor fencing*
  • Sample of daily report card* 

*items are for dog daycare only

Extra phone/skype hours can be purchased at $75/hr


Sometimes the best way to train and consult is in person. We offer a two day on-site consulting package. 

LOOKING FOR A SPACE If you have not found a space for your daycare/dog wash, we can look at potential locations and discuss the positives and negatives of each. 

READY TO LAUNCH If you are just about to open, we can assist with staff training and a grand opening event.  The opportunities are endless.  Basically, we are yours for 2 days! 

Prior to the visit we will have up to 3 hours of phone conversations and discuss everything listed in the basic package.  After the visit we will be available for another 3 hours of consulting. 

Airfare up to $450/person is included in the price.