Do you do dog grooming at Pampered Pooch Playground?
We don't have a groomer on staff, but you can always get a bath, nail trim or nail grind for your pooch before they go home.  For dog grooming, we suggest our sister-business, Bubbly Paws which has 4 locations in the Twin Cities.  The closest location is at Excelsior and Grand in St Louis Park.  Bubbly Paws is a self-service dog wash and full service dog grooming salon.


My dog hasn’t been to your facility yet, is there anything I need to know?
All dogs must be 14 weeks or older, and we require dogs to be spayed or neutered by 7 months old. Each new dog is required to complete a 2-hour evaluation before joining the fun. Evaluations must be completed at least 7 days before the first full day of doggie daycare (we suggest planning even farther out as we fill up quickly for evaluations). Any dog that enters our building is required to show proof of:

  • Rabies, Bordetella and DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Para-influenza) vaccinations

  • Current tick and flea protection from April–October

  • A negative fecal exam once per year.

If any of these shots have lapsed, you’ll need to wait 10 days from the time the shot was given until they can enter our building. Contact the daycare to schedule the evaluation, please make sure to plan well in advance around major holidays.

What should I bring when my dog spends the night?

  • Food (we don’t accept raw diets)

  • Medications in the original bottle with the directions on the bottle

  • All suites come with a raised blue bed, and we also have blankets available

If you think yourpup would be more comfortable with a blanket from home, you can bring one, but please make sure it can easily fit in 2’ x 1’ x 2’ bin.

Do NOT bring:

  • Bones and toys because these pose a huge choking hazard (Trust us, your pup will be so tired from playing all day, they won’t play with their toys.)

  • Bowls because we have plenty and they’re cleaned after each meal

  • Large beds should be left at home. If you bring a bed, it must be under 2 feet wide (toy dog size) and be able to fit in the dog’s overnight bins.

My dog has never been boarded before, do you have any tips?

The more familiar your dog is with our facility, the better they will do. Plan on bringing them a few times for doggy daycare so they can get to know the staff and how we run things. The dogs that normally do the best in the dog hotel are the regular daycare dogs that come a couple times a week. You can always bring your dog’s bed, treats and other belongings that will remind them of home. Feel free to call/text/email and check in on your pup any time during their stay.

What time should I drop off my dog for their hotel stay?
We do ask that all dogs be checked in by noon, but the earlier the better. They’ll will sleep much better in a new environment if have a whole day of playtime to get to know everyone and get tired out. If they are dropped off after noon, a $15 charge will be added to the stay.

Do you accept all breeds?

We LOVE all dogs, but our insurance does not allow us to take all breeds.  Unfortunately we are unable to accept Pitty's, Chow's, Am Staff's and anything that resembles these breeds including a "mix".  If you have these breeds, feel free to contact us and we can refer you to a great doggy daycare that accepts them.

How fast do you fill up for doggy daycare or dog boarding?
This really depends on the time of year.  For the safety and security we require reservations for dog daycare and dog hotel stays so we can limit the number of dogs in our care.  We often fill up 2-4 days in advance for doggy daycare.  Around major holidays, our dog hotel can fill up over a month in advance.  Please make sure to plan in advance for your visits.  We list all the dates we are full once you log in to make a reservation.

How do you keep everything clean?
We take great pride in keeping our location clean and go to great measures to maintain the cleanliness above industry standards. All the indoor and outdoor play areas, toys, and play equipment are sanitized and deep cleaned nightly.  We replace water dishes 5-6 times each day. All of our cleaning products are pet safe.

Are you a franchise? When will you open another location?

Our priority is our community and the pups we care for. We want to stay small and stay focused on providing outstanding service, and have no plans to open another location. Many of the doggy daycares in the Minneapolis area are franchises owned by out-of-state companies that are just in it for pure profit or have multiple locations where profit is more important than the care of the animals. We are not. We’re owned by two Twin Cities residents, Keith and Patrycia Miller. You’ll often see them at the daycare doing just about any task you can imagine.  We love being a small local business that gives back!

What is your cancellation policy?

All dog daycare reservations must be cancelled by 4pm the day prior to the stay. If a reservation is not cancelled by 4pm, the full price of daycare will be charged, or a day will be subtracted from the package.

All hotel reservations must be cancelled by 4pm the night before the stay, or the price of 1 night will be charged to the card on file. For all major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Spring Break, Labor Day, 4th of July and Memorial Day and MEA Weekend) and other busy dog boarding times, a $75 deposit (per dog) is required to confirm your dogs hotel reservation. There is a 14-day cancellation policy and all reservations need to be changed or cancelled 14 days in advance to have the deposit refunded.  Reservations cancelled in less than 14 days will not receive a refund.

Do dogs get sick?
Sending your dog to doggy daycare is much like sending a child to school.  Germs and viruses can and do fly around and it is not uncommon for some dogs to get sick form time to time.  We do everything we can do to maintain a clean and healthy setting for your dog.  We do require the Bordetella shot, which helps to protect your dog from kennel cough, but like the human flu shot is only about 70% effective.  If we notice a sick dog, they are removed from the play area, and the owners are called to pick them up.  If you pooch is sick, please leave them at home so other dogs don't get sick.  Should kennel cough or other viruses fly around, we notify all of our customers by email.

Do the dogs fight?
Above all else, your dog’s safety is our top priority, but just like when a child goes to school, something could happen. Our staff has been trained on how to safely manage a pack of dogs, and our staff to dog ratios are much higher than other doggy daycares in the area. We train our staff to try to prevent fights rather than react to fights. Many other daycares have looked to our pack management style as a training model. We are also very selective in the dogs that we allow into our daycare, and any dog that shows aggression at any time is not allowed. Should anything ever happen, we will inform the owner right away.