Meet the crew pic - Lauren .jpg

How long have you been with PPP?

Since September 2018!

Do you have any pets? What are their names?

Sadly, not at the moment. Ollie was my last, a cat we rescued who passed away suddenly during the night. I grew up with many animals, mostly dogs and we are hoping to rescue more cats and dogs in the future!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love finding a good book to lose myself in while I drink Starbucks, preferably a Venti Java Chip (delicious stuff!).

Do you have any secret talent or hobby?

For many years, my weekend hobby has been to visit the Humane Society and spend a couple of hours visiting the animals, especially the older and unlikely to be adopted types. It’s so important they all feel some type of love and kindness. It’s also a type of therapy for me as well. Win win!

Favorite part about working at PPP:

Being able to work with dogs has always been a dream and it hasn’t disappointed at PPP! Getting to meet so many different dogs and interact with them in a loving and playful way is amazing!

Favorite/funniest PPP moment:

It’s hard to pick just one moment so I’ll say my favorite times are when I can hold dogs in my arms, loving them like my own. You can feel them relax and melt into your arms comfortably. It’s always so hard to let go!