2 dogs, 1 table

Hawkeye and RoxyThe other day, Trycia was trimming Hawkeye's nails and our dog Roxy decided she wanted to jump up on the grooming table!  Roxy really loves to run around the building and it is not uncommon for her to be sitting in the lobby greeting people.  It is just strange, because Roxy is not a huge fan of the grooming area.  Oh well, I guess Hawkeye showed Roxy how easy it is! As many of you know, we do lots of events with our friends at Sidewalk Dog and if you have not become their Facebook Friend, you really should. ;)

Today the construction on the new play area continued.  They installed 1/2 of the new fence, and it should be completed tomorrow.  Once Top Notch Fence is done, hopefully the flooring can get done this weekend.  Then we should be up and running by the middle of next week.

Get ready for our Woof-n-Treat Halloween party on Saturday.  It's gonna be fun!