a busy week!

Today I was busy getting ready for the busy weekend. As expected, we are full for the holiday weekend (we filled up about 3 weeks ago). This means that I have to use any down time to make sure everything is all ready for the weekend. Today, I put together some brand new suites in our new overnight room. They look great, and we will be adding more of them tomorrow. I feel bad on days like this because I don't get to spend as much time with the dogs or customers as I would like (if you really want, you can pick up a wrench and help put things together, haha).

I figured I would blog about one of the smaller dogs that comes to doggy daycare. Syd is a miniature Australian Shepard. Syd's dad is the brains behind Topline Canine, which is the shampoo and conditioner we use in the grooming salon and what we sell in the lobby. This shampoo is great!! Speaking of which, it is time for me to give our dog Roxy a bath so she looks good for the 4th of July!

Have a good night.