An end to a busy week.

8125_150219206851_23604646851_3194512_2156402_nWhoa, can you believe that fall is finally here?  We turned on the heat at the daycare for the first time today, and that is when it hit me that the nice warm weather is gone!!  Lilly, the basset hound is a regular face in doggy daycare, but this weekend she is staying in our hotel.  Lilly loves LOTS of attention and lots of belly rubs!  Lilly also knows the command "where's your belly" and she will roll over on her back so you can rub it. We are busy getting all ready for Monday, which is sure to be a big hit!  We sold off the naming rights to the Pampered Pooch Playground webcam blimp, to  It will be now known as the Webcam Blimp.  We launched it today, and it seems to be working good.  Visit our website on Monday to watch the video from it.

Also next week, our good friend Jessie from Stray Dog Arts will be making a trip to Red Lake Rosies rescue and is asking for donations.  Starting Monday, we will have a bin in the lobby for donations.  They are looking for just about anything from dog food, cat food, leashes, collars, bleach and laundry detergent.  For more information on Red Lake Rosies, you can visit their website. Please have all donations dropped off by noon on Friday.

Have a great weekend!