Anna's Last Day

Anna, daycare staffOne of the hardest things about owning the doggy daycare is finding good employees and it is always sad when a member of the PPP family moves on.  Anna was one of our original staff and we always joke about how she was our first interview.  The construction was barely done, and we interviewed her at the Caribou on the U of M campus.  Trycia and I never did an interview before and I think we were just as nervous as she was!! Anyway, Anna worked for us for about a year, then went to New Zeland for a year for school..... Came back and worked for us for another year, and now will be finishing school in New Zeland.  Anna is also Tyson's owner (the black lab) who you might have seen in the lobby.  We are going to miss her and wish her the best! Have a good night!