Apple Store and Drinks with Roxy

Roxy out for drinks in Minneapolis, MNTonight there was a dog friendly event at the Apple Store in Minneapolis (uptown).  Many of you know how much I love Apple, and all the employees were loving our  iPhone app, Pooch Vision (we were the first daycare and still one of the few that has their own app).  The Apple Store is always dog friendly, but it was pretty cool to see 30 dogs all behaved and having fun there!  Our friends from Sidewalk Dog gave a preview of their new website, and Sarah Beth Photography talked about how she edits photos on a Mac. After we left this great event, Trycia and I walked a few feet down the street and decided to stop and get a drink.  What I really love about Minneapolis is how dog friendly it is!  So here we are sitting on the patio drinking with Roxy next to us (well sometimes she decided it was a good idea to lay in the sidewalk!!).

Now I need to apologize for not blogging much this week!  I have been battling a pretty nasty sinus infection and just wanted to take it easy!!

Have a good night!