Are you a Friend of the Pooch

The past few days I have been working hard on a new project.  It is not 1005 done, but I wanted to let you all know about it.  I know that networking groups are the latest trend right now, and we are part of 2, but I was thinking how can we help out OUR customers??  So I created which is a site where I can post information about your business, and other customers can find you on it.  I just really like helping out our customers, and this might be one little way that I can do it.  People always ask in the lobby, "Hey do you know any good ...........".  So many of our customers have great jobs, and I would love to help out.  Anyways, I have not launched the site yet, but you can take a preview. Feel free to email me your information and I will make sure you are listed on there. Have a good night, lots of good TV to watch on NBC, so I had to make this short!