Are you bored at work today?

I know everyone slacks at work on Fridays, and really who is working today? I have been swamped doing year end paperwork for the daycare, and I found out that I get more done at home than when I am with the dogs. It is just too tempting to put things off and go play with all the dogs.
So I started to look up Pampered Pooch Playground on the internet, and was shocked that we had a few reviews on Google. That is really cool! Then I started to think that it would be great to have more.... Help us out and write an honest rating of Pampered Pooch Playground on Google. Click Here to go to our reviews page. Be open, Be Honest ;)

Maybe if I get all the stuff done, I will do another blog with a fun game or something else you can waste time with.

Happy Friday!