Back from the Bloggers Conference

Pugs at Doggy Daycare in Minneapolis, MN I don't know if I consider myself a professional blogger, but i attended the Minnesota Bloggers Conference yesterday and I had lots of fun and learned some great new things. When I first walked in, it was like the first day of school all over!  Where do you sit?  Who are your friends?  I was amazed with how many bloggers there are in the Twin Cities and the wide range of blogs!

As you might have guessed, social media plays a huge part in our businesses and in our personal life.  All of the speakers were great, but I was talking to a guy that owned a small business and he was asking how we value our Facebook fans, and what the ROI was for each fan.  This is when I realized that he did not understand social media one bit.  My eyes started to glaze over when he was asking how to make money on Facebook for his business. I responded with "We will never put a price tag on our fans or customers, people fan us because they like us".  You could tell he was just so confused.  Oh well..

There were so many great sessions and I actually learned lots! You might start to see a few changes on our website soon!

Have a good weekend!