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The past few days Trycia and I were on vacation in Kauai.  We always take a trip in September, since this is when our dog hotel service slows down a little bit and it is easier for us to get away.  It is always hard for us to leave the doggy daycare since it really is our baby!  We have a great set of employees starting with our managers, Ellen, Jamie, Melissa and Vanessa and our dog handlers are top notch, but it is always hard to trust "our baby" in other peoples hands.  Anyway, we had lots of fun on vacation and always managed to check in daily!  While we were in Kauai, one of our customers send me a message on Facebook with some places we had to check out.  One of the "must eat" places was Pat's Taquerua which was a taco truck on the beach!  The food was great, but I think we had even more fun petting their dog!  Everyone we talked to always so fascinated by the doggy daycare and they had a bunch of questions on how it worked.  We talked to one couple from Texas and they were all upset that the doggy daycare that they used did not have an iPhone app and they were unable to watch their dog.All in all it was a great relaxing vacation, but we are always happy to be back!  I was already at the daycare within 2 hours of landing in Minneapolis.

Have a great night!