Barley goes to the groomer

barley goes to the dog groomerOne of the nice things about owning 2 pet related businesses is that they work together very well.  Barley, wanted grooming, and Tami was not available today at the PPP, so we were able to fit him in at Bubbly Paws Dog Wash.  Barley played in doggy daycare until 11am today, then we drove him over for his spa services.. He quickly made friends with Kallie who works there, she played with him until it was time for his grooming, and then when he was done, we took him back to the PPP to play with his friends at doggy daycare.  Barley had fun with his field trip today!  I love when we are able to work together like this! Those of you that are our friends on Facebook will notice the new picture I put up of Cash.  Cash is a Golden Retriever / Newfoundland puppy that belongs to Keri,  one of our employees.  I thought it would be fun to put up a weekly picture so everyone can see how much he has grown!  He is now a ball of energy!

Have a great night!