Baths, Baths and More Baths

Leris the doodle getting a bath OK, I am in a bit of a goofy mood and decided it would be really funny to title this blog post like the one I just put up on the Bubbly Paws page.  Not sure if it is funny to anyone else, but I laughed!

Anyway, this was a big few weeks at Pampered Pooch Playground.  Spring break is always a really busy time for us and it pretty much came to an end this weekend.  One of the benefits of having your dog spend the night in our dog hotel is a free bath after 5 nights and everyone loves getting a fresh dog when they come to pick them up.  I went in early on Saturday and Sunday mornings to help our staff with baths since there were so many dogs going home both days!  I really enjoy doing baths and it was lots of fun!

I have to give a special PPP shout out to our awesome staff.  They handled our spring break craziness and did a wonderful job.  I always say that we have an amazing crew and I am so proud of all of them!  Thanks everyone!