Bear is one of our regular daycare dogs. When bear first started coming to daycare, he would come 2 or 3 days a week and now he gets to play everyday!! Bear is really well behaved and knows how to play great! He has been caught napping with his "girlfriend" Brandi another black lab!

Today started out with an early call to Qwest to find out what is going on with our internet. I learned something. I had the local phone number of one of the account supervisors, I dialed it and reached his voice mail, then I pressed zero, reached another voice mail and pressed zero, i finally talked to someone in accounting. I told them my problem and somehow was transferred to the reginal manager for Qwest. This guy was able to get our internet turned back on in about an hour! I guess it pays to go to the top of the chain. If you ever have a problem with Qwest, I have saved that local number, let me know if you need it. If you ever call the daycare and want to talk to Trisha or myself, you can press 5 for Trisha or 4 for myself and you are connected directly to our cell phones if we are not at the daycare. We really do try to go above and beyond in the customer service department!

Today a big semi truck pulled into the parking lot and it was the new flooring for the new room that we have built! It should be done by the end of the week, then Trisha has the task of decorating it and making it look good!

Have a good night.