Bella, Bella, Bella and Bella

Today we had 3 dogs named Bella at daycare.
Bella #1 - Rottweiler
Bella #2 - Chocolate Lab Puppy
Bella #3 - Yellow Lab
Bella #4 - Great Dane (not at daycare but in the picture)

The cool thing is each of the Bella's has their own personality, but they all play in the same group with the larger dogs (because they are all bigger). I decided to do a quick Google search of the most popular dog and cat names, take a look at what I found.

Anyway, I was not in with the dogs as much as normal today because I was busy putting together some of the new cabinets and furniture that we ordered for our spa. I know I have mentioned how much I hate to try to put things together, but I did a great job with it today.

Have a good night.