Bella loves it!

The other day we had some new couches delivered for our new training room, but we have not shown them to the dogs yet! This morning I was busy cleaning the floor, and Bella (who has been spening the night for the past few nights) was helping me. The minute Bella saw the couch, she knew right where to go! Bella was right at home, so we know the rest of the dogs are going to love it! You might be thinking that bella looks fimilar, that is because she is also one of the dogs that is on the front page of our website. We change those pictures every few weeks, so keep looking for your pooch!

Tonight our hotel is almost full! I can't stress the importance of making a reservation (I know that the faithful blog readers always do it...hehe), because we do limit the total number of dogs that come so everyone can have enough attention.

Have a great weekend!