Berner Crazy!

Today we had 3 Bernese Mountain Dogs at Doggy Daycare. In the picture are Roxy (our dog) and Bessy. Quinn was also at daycare, but was too busy running around to sit and take a picture. Did I mention that Quinn turned 1 year old today! Everyone loved her treats!!

Did you get my April Fool's day joke? I know it was kinda lame, but I tried. When I was in radio we would always come up with clever and new things, but I was lacking this year! If you are on our email list, you know what I am talking about, of you can click here to see it.

This afternoon we did a video chat with customers on my new favorite pastime, I was streaming video and responding to questions and just having fun. We plan to keep doing this in the future. If you are our Twitter or Facebook friend we will send you an update about 30 minutes before we do it. Next time, I think i will take the laptop with as we take Roxy for a walk. That will be fun! If you have any ideas, let me know.