Blue Walls and Blue Dog!

Today I went into the daycare to get a few projects done since we will be starting our remodeling project on Tuesday. I have always wanted to re-paint the walls in the large dog play area (i did this to the small dog area about a month ago). Today was the perfect day to do this since all the big and small dogs were able to get along and play awesome with each other. So we put all the dogs in the small dog play area and I painted all the walls. Roxy, our dog wanted to help (she always has to be with Trisha or myself) and we let her be by me. I started painting and realized our dog looked like a smurf! Her back was all blue because she had been leaning on the wall. Bottom line is the walls look great blue, and so does Roxy.

Tonight we are taking our staff out for our Holiday Party. They really put in lots of hard work over the holidays and we wanted to thank them for everything that they have done to keep things running smooth!

Have a good night!