Bryan, voted best kisser!

Bryan, the bulldog LOVES to give kisses. The minute he walks in the door, he starts kissing anyone that pets him. Then the fun continues when he is in the play areas, and again when he goes home. The best part was when I was walking through the play area, he started to kiss my leg. Yes, Bryan has been voted best kisser by ME!!

Today was a pretty big day with the technology at the daycare. We had installers running new internet lines into the building, which means the webcams will stream faster because we have changed internet service providers! This should be up and running in about a week. Also, for those of you that have iPhones, I got a beta app on my phone so you can stream the webcams as a program! It works great and it will be sent to Apple in the next few days for approval. You can currently stream the webcams on the iPhone, but when the app is released, you will be able to make reservations, get directions, and email us. Pretty geeky, but pretty cool! I just used it on a walk with Roxy around Lake harriott and it worked great! How many local businesses have an iPhone app? Don't worry blackberry users, we will make one for you as well.

So there is the daily update. Have a great night.