Bye Bye Dakota

The hardest part about being so involved with the doggy daycare side of the business is saying goodbye to our dogs and customers when they move away.  I remember talking to Dakota's mom before she started coming to doggy daycare, she was new to the Minneapolis area and wanted to bring Dakota everyday.  We normally try to talk people out of daycare everyday, because of the stress it places on the dogs, but Dakota's mom said she can handle it! After Dakota's first few days, we started joking about how Dakota can handle daycare and LOVES it!!  Dakota has been coming almost everyday for the past year and she was a huge part of the PPP family.  She pulled in everyday because she was so excited to see all of her friends.  Dakota's mom is now moving down south and we are really going to miss Dakota and her mom at daycare everyday! Before I left today, Dakota got a huge hug, belly scratch and a kiss!

We are going to miss that bundle of energy!

Have a good night.