Can you see some of the changes?

A big, big big shout out one of our dog daycare parents, Amy. Her dog Linus (in the picture) has been attending daycare of about a year, and we started talking in the lobby. She mentioned that she does landscaping and I told her that I wanted to replace the bushes in the front of the building (this is something I had been meaning to do for about 2 months, but got sidetracked). So she put together a great proposal and about 3 days later we have new plantings! I love to support our customers who support us. I told Amy that I would put her contact information on here, so feel free to contact her should you need anything because she is AMAZING!

Amy's Bloomers
- 612-210-9701

Still more changes are in the works for the front of the building.
The other thing I "tried" to accomplish today was to put together our new desk for our office. Have I mentioned how much I dislike putting together Ikea furniture. I have one leg on the desk, and it will now proceed into day #2. Look for a desk update tomorrow.

Have a good night.