Cheapest is not always the best

I know everyone has always known that, but it is completely true!  About 3 weeks ago our 6 year old Dyson vacuum broke and we needed to get a new one.  I was at Target and decided to venture out and buy a Eureka vacuum that was designed for pets.  At about 1/2 the price of the Dyson, I figured it was worth the try.  What a piece of JUNK!! In the 3 weeks we have owned it, I have had to unclog the hose 3 times, and you can never put the filter back together. Seriously, we have Roxy who sheds, but we are freaks about keeping things clean. You have to unclog the filter after each room. I just did the guest bedroom where Roxy never goes and it got clogged. If you are going to call it the "Pet Expert"... It should be for pets and not get clogged!  I called their 800 number and they are no help.  So tomorrow it will be going back to Target and hopefully they will take it back and we will be getting the Dyson.  Sorry to vent, but sometimes you get what you pay for and I learned my lesson... In the 6 years of owning the Dyson, it only got clogged 1 time and that was because i tried to pick up large pieces of glass form a wine glass we broke (my mistake)!  Enjoy the video below of me trying to put the filter back together. Also in the video is Roxy's niece Zoe who we are dog sitting this week.