Chicago Trip and Daycare Visits

The past 2 days, Trycia and I were in Chicago visiting her family that was in from Poland.  Tuesday afternoon we had about 2 hours to kill and decided to check out some doggy daycares in the area.   I can honestly say that I was not impressed.

The first one that we visited is one of the "premier" dog daycares in Chicago.  We walked in and the lobby was super clean, granite counter tops, and flat panel tv's..  Wow, the lobby looked good!  Then they took us on the tour of the building where we saw one employee sitting and reading a book (to herself, not the dogs) while one dog was eating puke on the floor.  The worst part was that she did not even get up to clean it (we were in there for about 5 minutes).  In their big dog room, it was the same deal.  The guy was sitting watching the dogs and there was a pile of poop on the floor.  Wow!!

Then we walked down the street and visited another place.  There it felt much more like the PPP when we walked in.... Until we talked to the staff.  I asked the guy behind the counter what types of shots they require and he did not even know.  They also told us they don't limit the number of dogs, and you can show up anytime.  The guy behind the desk did say that the owner was out, and he was just covering, but still...Wow!

On the way to the airport we talked lots about what we saw and how we can improve our own daycare!  I am really happy with how we run our business.  We don't have granite counter tops, designer lighting in the lobby or big college degrees behind an executive desk in our office, but we have lots and lots of love for the dogs, our customers and our employees!!  It is important to remember that our daycare is built for our 4 legged customers and we do everything with them in mind (I would rather save the money on granite counter tops and designer lighting and buy better play equipment, dog toys r make things easier for our staff).  This is why we have been working hard on remodeling our grooming area (which will be completed this week).

Maybe we were overly critical, and never told the employees that we owned a doggy daycare in Minneapolis, but I was not impressed by what we saw at these "premier" and "posh" places.  Both of the daycares we visited had more than 1 location and I honestly feel that when you start getting big like that, the quality and care declines... My point was proven 2 times today.

As always, if there is anything we can do to improve please let me know.  We want to be the best dog daycare in Minneapolis.