Chicago weekend

20120521-153449.jpg This weekend Trycia and I went to Chicago to check out the Cubs/White Sox Game. We went to the game with my good friends Judd and Cindy who own a doggy daycare just outside Chciago. We spent about 1/2 the game talking about the businesses. We also decided that it would be a great idea to trade daycares for a few days. Seriously, how much fun would that be? I really do enjoy checking out other daycares. We had a few moments to kill before flying back and we checked out one of the nicer daycares in the Chicago area (you might recall a blog post close to this from the fall). We walked in and everyone was super nice, and the place was well run. The one thing I did not like is the non-stop barking that was taking place. Seriously, I would have gone home with a headache after working for 30 minutes there. It did not stop and the staff did nothing to control it. Crazy!! Maybe you just get accustomed to the loud noise, but I know Roxy would be hiding and shaking in the corner. We did pick up some really good ideas from this place and will be updating a few things in the next month or so.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!