This morning, Chole (wheaton terrier) came in for daycare and I started to talk to her mom after we took her back to play. About 3 minutes into the conversation, Wellington (wheaton/schnauzer) came running through the front door. Chole's mom reconized Wellington from the front page of our website. I think wellington felt like a super star!

Today we had over 40 tons of gravel delivered for the new outside area. I never knew what 40 tons looked like, but it is 2 truck fulls! The work was scheduled to be completed today, but as always, there was a glitch. The fence that the contractor ordered was not cut correctly, so they need to complete it tomorrow. Oh well, this is worth waiting for.

We just added a new dog to our featured dog section on the website. "Who is it", you ask? It's Copper, a Sheba Inu!

Have a good night.