cold, construction and coffee

Tobler is one of the puppies that loves to come to doggy daycare! Today his parents asked us to trim his nails before he went home. Personally I think he was more excited for the attention he received while getting his nails trimmed.

Today I spent most of the day cleaning out the rooms where the construction will take place tomorrow. There was lots of stuff in the rooms (we never used these rooms since we opened last year, they were all old offices).

So the weather is going to be pretty cold this week, make sure you enjoy some of out HOT Caribou Coffee that is in the lobby area. All the profits from the coffee go to Pet Haven. Speaking of Pet Haven, out last foster dog, was just placed in a foster home. Missy is a great black lab mix and played awesome with all the dogs. You can contact Pet Haven for more information on Missy and all of their other dogs and cats.

Have a good night and stay warm!