Cosi gets some sun!

Today was yet another great day where all the dogs enjoyed playing inside and outside. Cosi, the French Bulldog puppy (who turns 1 year old this weekend), loves to catch some rays. Here is a random fact thanks to the Fox 9 morning news today.... It takes 30 minutes to burn outside today without SPF. How is that for a random fact that you never thought you would read on the PPP Blog! Maybe tomorrow I will throw in another random fact.. Ya never know!

I had a meeting with our fence contractor and the ball is rolling on our expanded outside area. The products have been ordered and now we are just waiting for them to be delivered and then they will get to work! I can't wait to double the size of our outside play yard! I know that the dogs are going to love it!

That's all, it is not time to go to take Roxy for a long walk to enjoy this great day!