Another fun day at the PPP

I always love going to the PPP, and look forward to going in every morning.  I enjoy greeting the dogs in the mornings and really getting to know all of our customers and dogs.  Today, many of you might have noticed that I was there this afternoon running the dogs up as the dogs were going home.  I think part of being a good dog daycare owner is knowing how to do all the jobs that we have.  Ellen our manager was working a shift in one of the play areas so I was covering for her.  It was lots of fun watching all the dogs go home happy and tired!

I think the highlight of the day for our staff was we booked our annual holiday party (we are not the typical "lets go out for dinner" crew).. We try to find something fun and active, but also work on team building (but not in a cheesy way).  Last year we went indoor rock climbing.. What will we be doing this year?  I will give you details after the party!

Have a good night!