Dog Walking Entertainment

Minneapolis dog walking Yesterday I was leaving the doggy daycare and noticed a lady walking about 10 dogs on 10 leashes.  All were small dogs and they were all tangled with each other.  I almost stopped my scooter to take in this entertainment, but decided to keep going.  The best part was that she was talking on her cell phone while walking all these dogs.  There is no way that she was able to pay any attention to the dogs and what was really going on.  If one dog would have snapped at another dog, they were so tangled up that it would be almost impossible to break them up... Oh, and she would have to stop talking on her phone and put it down.  I know there are some dog walkers that can safely do this, but that was not the case yesterday.  I really wanted to stop and take a picture of this chaos, but decided to keep moving. I point this out because you might have noticed that we have added a daily walk to the list of services for when a dog is spending the night with us.  When we do a walk, it is a 1 on 1 walk with a member of our staff an the dog has our full attention the entire time.  Our staff are never allowed to use their phones while working (either in the play rooms, or on walks).  As always we put the safety of your dog above anything else when they are with us.

Hope everyone has been staying cool.  Have a great weekend!