Doggy Daycare makes for a tired Roxy

Sabra the Bernese Mountain Dog Many of you get to be greeted by Roxy in the lobby every day and one of the most common questions we get is "dog you bring her to work everyday".  Yes, she comes almost everyday.  Every now and then we do leave her at home, but she really enjoys greeting everyone when they come and she gets really excited for Jim, the mailman who comes at 11am with treats for her everyday!  Surprisingly Roxy gets really tired from being the greeter each day, when she gets home she will nap for a few hours.  I guess it is hard work being "the face" of the PPP.  The reason I bring this up is because today we left her home and now she has LOTS and LOTS  of energy.  We are attempting to play "find it" with treats, but that does not tire her out.

We keep exparamenting with our room configurations, today we tried making one large room (about 4400 sqft) for our waggers way dogs (the other rooms did not change in size.  We basically removed the divider between Waggers Way and the Doggy Den.  This idea came from a few of our employees and I am a big fan of listening to what they have to say and trying it.  The dogs really seem to love this large room and we are going to keep trying it out.

Have a great night!