One of the first daycare dogs in the door today was Dupree (in the picture). Dupree spent the whole morning playing with his best friend Stewie, who is also the same size and color. When they are playing it looks like there are 2 big white puff balls running around the room!

Most of my day was spent working on our new spa wich will be open by the end of the month. All of the equipment has arrived and unpacked. We will have the plumbing work done in the next few days.

Also, another upgrade you might notice is on the webcams. We are now able to get faster internet (thanks Qwest) and that will be installed on Thursday. There might be a short period of time when the webcams go down, but bear with it because they will be back up soon and streaming even faster.

We now have the biodegradable poop bags in our front area. These are the same bags that we use in the daycare, and they degrade as fast as an apple!

Have a great night!