Ellie goes home, and I go on another rant

Ellie is one of our daycare regulars, but for the past week she has been one of our hotel guests! She had so much fun and did great! Last night after most of the daycare dogs left, we brought out a bunch of the toys and Ellie loved every minute of it. Today she had a free bath (we give each dog a free bath after 5 nights in the hotel) and she went home with her mom. It was a great reunion and everyone was happy to see each other!

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you will know how much I value good customer service. Long story short. Qwest had a problem with our fiber optic internet that we use to stream the webcams. I called them at 7am this morning and was told that it would be fixed by noon today. It is now 7:14pm and after 3 calls to Qwest, it will not be fixed until tomorrow. I understand that mistakes happen, but don't tell me it will be done at noon, when you know it will not be done. I am very sorry for the webcams not working, but they should be up and running again soon. Our main computer is online using a dial up modem, I thought those things went out in 1996!! I have had nothing by bad customer service from Qwest, and am now exploring other options for our internet and phone needs at the daycare. If you know of any good local companies let me know.

Have a good night.