Fall, Fitgers and Fun!

Rigby the puppy at doggy daycare in minneapolis Fall has finally hit Minneapolis and all of the doggy daycare customers are enjoying our large outside play area. We don't just use the outside area in the summer, we use all the time!! The synthetic grass makes it very easy to keep clean. I am so glad that we are one of the first doggy daycares to use the synthetic grass because, it is so hard to keep real grass clean and mud free.  I would hate to send home dirty or muddy dogs each day! We can go outside and sanitize it a few times each day. You can't do that with real grass! Customers often ask how often we take the dogs outside and we are outside often! It does depend on the weather, but we try to get each group outside about 5 times each day.

I really like fall and it is one of my favorite seasons in Minnesota! If you are looking for a cool weekend getaway, drive up to Duluth and stay Fitger's, which is super dog friendly. You can check out all the fall colors, and have fun traveling with your pooch! 4 years ago, Trycia and I were up in Duluth sitting on the Fitgers patio and we started talking to Teddy the basenji's parents who were from the Minneapolis area and they started coming to doggy daycare after we had a drink with them! What a small world!  WE have tried to get a picture of Teddy playing, but he moves too fast for the camera!

Have a good night!