Fozzy's a big brother!!

Fozzie has been boarding in our hotel and he will be surprised tomorrow when he goes home to a new family member!  He has been staying with us because fozzy's owner is delivering a baby!!!  Fozzy's dad emailed us today and said everything went well, and Fozzy gets to go home tomorrow.  He will be so excited!! I spent the afternoon painting our office!  Our office was originally in what is now the training room.  When we removed the walls to make the training room, we needed a place for our office, so we picked a small room right behind the lobby and next to the big dog play area.  The walls were not pretty, but it did the job and it was a place to put our desk.  Well, we decided that it needed a fresh coat of paint and a new floor.  So I am doing all the work this week.

One final note.... Check our Facebook page tomorrow around noon for a chance to win a free bath.

Hope everyone has a good night.