Going to the fair?

Charlie and PennyToday Trisha and I went to the State Fair along with Jeter the lab's parents and had a great time.  The one thing I kept telling everyone they had to try was the "Beergarita" from Tejas in the foods building.  This might sounds really disgusting, but it is great!  We had just ordered and I heard "Hey, I know you guys from Pampered Pooch".  Guess who it was... Charlie and Penny's (in the picture) mom!  Her family owns Tejas.  I know the fair is only a few more days, but this is a must have!  Oh their location at 50th and France in Edina has a great patio!! Today was also a Pet Haven dog adoption day and Meko our foster dog went to the event.  Meko is really a sweet dog that loves doggy daycare and plays hard (but plays well). For a recap of today's event, visit the Pet Haven blog.