Happy Birthday Jaxon Bear

Today one of our regular faces at doggy daycare, Jaxon Bear turned 1. He brought in lots of treats for all the dogs! Very rarely does Jaxon lay down to rest, but he loves to sit on the table and watch everyone. Yesterday Jaxon celebrated his birthday party with a bunch of friends at his house.

So this morning, I was a few days off! I woke up and watched the Today Show, and saw the green NBC logo and thought today was earth day. So I updated the PPP facebook page and Tweeted all of our Twitter friends about all the ways that we are green. Well, then I remembered that earth day is the 22nd. I was only a few days off, but heck, we are very green and always try to take steps to save the envirnoment. Find out more on the 22nd :)

Have a good night.