Happy Saturday!

Today Trisha and I had an event at the Three Rivers Park District, Bryant Lake Dog Park. The dog park was just remodeled and looks great! We even saw some of our regular daycare dogs there!!

Then we went and grabbed lunch at Yum which is located about 4 minutes east on Highway 7 from the Daycare. If you have never eaten there it is GREAT food! They have a bunch of goodies you can take home. One morning before I get to the daycare, I will have to stop there for a cup of coffee!

We rounded out our afternoon with a trip to the Minnehaha Dog Park! Our dog Roxy, loves to run in the river and play with all the dogs! We were walking around and bumped into one of our regular dogs from daycare, Princess Leia! Princess and Roxy had fun playing and Princess showed off her logging skills (she can swim out into the river and bring back a log of wood!).

This afternoon Roxy got a bath outside at our house and she is now pooped!

Have a great weekend!!