Highlights from the small dog room.

I spent some time in the back play room with the smaller dogs this morning. Here are a few highlights.

1- Meet Hugo, He is a maltese, and one of the newer smaller dogs that comes to daycare.
2- Moby, the French bulldog just got back from a vacation to Mt. Rushmore. Rumor has it he is best friends with the Buffalo that he saw.
3- Butters, the 4 pound yorkie is very excited to show off his new tuxedo that his parents bought him.
4- Ranger, the cocapoo showed off how he does the army crawl.
5- Dupree, Havanese has a cool new trick. When he gets excited, both of his front paws go up and down in excitement.

One of our newest staff members, Melissa was with the smaller dogs this morning and she did a great job! Make sure you welcome her into the PPP family.

Here is one funny story from yesterday. our dog Roxy was running around between the spa, our office and the training rooms. Trisha and I could not find Roxy (I really don't know how you can lose a 85 pound dog, where there is no good place to hide). So we were looking and looking, and finally we called back to the play areas. Roxy pushed open the door to the large play room, and waited in the holding area until one of our staff let her in with the other dogs. She just wanted to go play, it was pretty funny!

Have a good night.