How does nap time work?

This is the most common question people always ask.  As you know, we don't do a structured nap time like many other daycares in the area do.  In a structured nap time, dogs go in cages for 2 or 3 hours and "nap" which really means that they bark because they want to get out and play with the other dogs.  We tried this when we first opened, and it just did not work.  The barking stressed out the other dogs and honestly none of the dogs napped.  So we tried a new approach... Limit the number of dogs that we bring in each day, so it is not wild and crazy, and let the dogs nap when the get tired.  Sometimes the whole group naps at once, sometimes it is just a few dogs napping. It really works wonderful and the dogs really do much better with this laid back approach.  This was "nap time" from today.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.