I got my hair did!

french bulldog at doggy daycare We try hard to support the customers that support us, and one of the is Cosi the French Bulldog's mom, Michaela.  Trycia has been going to her for the past year to have her hair done, and today was my first trip to see her!  She did an awesome job (not like I have lots of hair), and the massage while you get your hair washed was amazing!  So if you are looking for a new hair dresser give a call (612.926.8689) to the Julia Bretey Salon in Edina and schedule an appointment with Michaela (she will tell you all about her upcoming wedding!)

Ok, so this whole blog post is not a huge commerical, here is what else happened.... I spent about 2 hours running some new eithernet wire (how fun is that) for our computer that is in the food prep area.  This computer was running on WIFI before, but our doggy daycare software ran too slow on that type of connection.  Most of the afternoon was spent dealing with the contractors for Bubbly Paws.

Starting Friday, it's Roxy's 12 days of Christmas... Details tomorrow on our Facebook page.

Have a fun night!