It pays to be our first dog!

I was thinking back to the beginning of April before we opened for business.  I received an email from Bindi's mom saying that "Bindi will be our best customer" and I was really excited to meet Bindi (and her parents who are also from Chicago).  Then on April, 20th which was the first day we opened, Bindi was our first dog in the door.  Bindi has come to daycare almost everyday since then!  When Bindi stays over, we take her home with us, because she has really severe separation anxiety, and has to be with people all the time (Bindi is also Roxy's best friend at the daycare).  So we took Bindi home with us this weekend, and she helped to put up some of our christmas decorations.  We also had fun dressing Bindi and Roxy up with our Christmas tree skirt.

Another random fact about Bindi.  When they adopted her, they were told that she was a German Shepherd / St Bernard.  Heather, our Assistant Manager and Trainer discovered that bindi is an Anatolian Shepherd.  Bindi fits the personality and looks almost exactly of the breed!  I think we might have to do a doggy DNA test to find out if Heather is correct.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend!