It's a Wheaton day!

Today was a Black Lab and Wheaton day at the doggy daycare! I think just about every one of our black labs and wheatons managed to make it out to play today. Representing the black labs were Bear, Blazer, Brandy, Mojo, Caesar, Homer, Ivy, and Wally. Representing the wheatons were Vivian, Wellington, Hailey, Lucy, and Emerson! Hailey is the one in the picture and she is still a puppy, she spends most of her time playing with the smaller dogs and does great!

We spent lots of our day getting ready for the Twin Cities Pet Expo which is this weekend at the Minneapolis Convention Center. We have some cool stuff planned for our booth, so make sure you check it out. You can't miss us, we are right there when you walk in ;)

We also got some new spa items in. Soon we will be offering more grooming during the week and we are just getting ready for that. We got a new hydrolic grooming table. I decided to sit on it and see if it could lift me up, it did! Pretty fun!

Have you noticed Fletcher our foster dog who likes to hang out by the break room (the 1/2 door by the leashes hanging on the wall in the lobby). He loves to hang out in there and have people pet him. Feel free to say hey! Fletcher is available for adoption from Pet Haven. Speaking of Pet Haven, how do you like the coffee in the lobby in the mornings? I love it, because now I never have to stop at Caribou on the way in!

Have a good night.