It's Nap Time

Whoa, Look, I am blogging during the day! The dogs just got done with a nap time. Rather than putting all the doggies in cages for naps (this creates stress and barking), we let them nap in the playrooms with everyone. Today Bear (black lab) and Zenyatta (greyhound) took a nap together. Bear has become quite the casanova, he always snuggles up next to a different dog each day.

Another question we had today was how do you know the heat is working and the dogs are warm overnight?? The whole building is always monitored by ADT Security for everything. They also have 4 temperature sensors in the building. If it ever drops below our "safe" level, we get a call right away. Today I checked to make sure one of them was working, and it worked just great. So now everyone can sleep well at night knowing it was warm and cozy where the dogs are.

Have a good afternoon!