It's WARM!

So This week Trisha and I are on vacation in Grand Cayman and we might have had a few too many mudslides when we made this sandcastle!! Every February we try to go someplace warm, and I am a firm believer in working hard (which we have done) and playing hard!! So while we are gone this week, the daycare is in the great hands of our 2 managers Heather and Ash (don't worry, we are keeping a very close eye on everything since our hotel has Wifi). We bribed the staff and told them if everything runs smoot while we are gone, we will havea great reward for them (little do they know it will be a seashell, HAHA, just kidding). There will still be a few blog updates this week and we will still gave away a free day of daycare for "know your breeds" which happens on the blog Wednesday at noon.

Have a great night!