Kato the enegizer bunny

Say hey to Kato, who has so much energy each time he runs through the front door, we can't get him into the daycare fast enough. Kato plays almost all day long, but I did catch him taking a small nap one day for a few minutes.

Sorry that this is a short blog post. Trycia and I were out of town this weekend in Wisconsin visiting her family. Our staff did amazing this past weekend, even with the wild weather. I don't think we have ever talked about our severe weather plans with the dogs. We do have plans in place to make sure the dogs are safe. If there is severe weather in the area, a member of the staff will spend the night with the dogs and monitor the weather. Should it ever become more extreme, we have other plans in place to keep the dogs save (I don't want to bore you with all the details). We always receive weather alerts from the National Weather Service for extreme heat, tornados, flash floods, blizards, ETC. One final measure we have in place is an agreement with other daycares and boarding kennels in the area so we can bring our dogs to their facility should something happen to the building (they can also bring their dogs to us). These places have similar entrance requirements and this is ment for EXTREME situations.. Again, we never like to think this way, but have everthing very well mapped out should something ever come up. Should you ever want to know more, just ask.

Have a great day!