Keith goes on a rant..

Fritz is one of the dogs that came for daycare today and is a Boston Terrier. He loves to run and play and spent most of the day playing with Cosi, the French Bulldog Puppy. Today we finished the hallway flooring in the area off the lobby. It looks great and we are going to add some more of the bigger suites here.

So let me go on a rant about customer service for a minute. My car needed service work on it and I dropped it off last night at the dealer, so they could look at it first thing in the morning (the appointment was at 7:15). They said that they would call me with an estimate. Noon came, and I never heard anything, so I called them. They had not gotten to the car yet and said they would call me within an Hour. Then 3pm came and they had not called and I called and spoke with the service manager and told him how upset I was. I don't really think he cared that much until I said I was on my way to pick up the car to take someplace else. Then he really started to kiss my rear (my guess is because he saw he was going to lose a sale for the day). I get that everyone makes mistakes and things, but there is NO EXCUSE for poor service. I will never go to this dealer again (and it is almost time for a new car). I love good service and love to give good service, which is what we have all of our staff do. If there is anything that happens and you feel you did not receive GREAT SERVICE from us, please, please let me know. You can alway call our main number 952-922-8183 and press 4 and you will be connected directly to my cell phone. Or email me!

Oh, Back to my radio roots for a minute... I wanna give a shout out to Wild Reed, Hanna's mom! She reads the blog all the time and always leaves a comment, and she has a really cool dog!! :)

Have a great night everyone.