LeoLeo is by far one of the smallest dogs that comes to doggie daycare, and he has a great time!  Leo is a mini dachshund and loves to hang out in the small dog playroom. It was a great and sad day at the daycare today.  One of our long time staff members Erika has left us to start her vet tech internship at Lake Harriet Vet.  Erika has been with us for over a year and we can't be more excited for her to advance in the vet tech field.  Lake Harriet Vet is a great vet that informs customers of Holistic and traditional types of service.  We also welcome back Vanessa, one of first employees that started with us when we opened.  Vanessa works full time at a vets office and wanted to do something with her day off which is Tuesday.  Many of you that have been with us since the beginning will remember her, so make sure to welcome her back.  There are also a few new faces around the building as we gear up for college to start up, and some of our staffs schedules have changed, so we are getting everyone ready for a busy fall.

I received a great email from Syd's dad who makes Topline Canine shampoo and conditioner that we use in the spa.  The email contained a link to a great blog post about his product.  I think it is great to see our customers succeed!

One final update on the slow webcam connections.  We have changed the streaming software we use and you will see a few minor changes in the slow connections.  If your company blocks the high speed webcams, try the slow speed ones, which should get you around your company's firewall.

Have a good night.