Lilly the Basset Hound at Doggy Daycare in Minneapolis,mnLilly, the Basset Hound, has been coming to the Pampered Pooch Playground for over 3 years, and enjoys hanging out in the Canine Cove.  Summer is one of her favorite months because she gets to sunbath in our outdoor play area, and play with the sprinkler.  One of  Lilly's talents is "show me your belly", where she rolls over on her back with her feet up in the air (check out our photo gallery for a picture of Lilly doing this). Lilly is also a regular in the PPP hotel and her parents love to watch her on the luxury suite webcam.  Each day when Lilly comes in her dad gives her a carrot before she gets to go see all of her friends! We love Lilly and glad she is part of the PPP family!