Look Alike Dogs

Chloe at doggy daycare in Minneapolis People often ask how we can tell the doggy daycare dogs apart so well.  Honestly, it is because we are with them all the time so it is very easy for us and you learn not only how the dog looks, but their personality.  Sometimes we will tell the owner that their dog has a twin, but it was very obvious this morning.  2 dogs that looked alike walked in at the exact same time, and the owners were laughing at how much they looked the same.  Chloe and Shilo walked in and the owners were both laughing at how much they were the same.  As much as we trust ourselves, just to be safe in the play areas, we do put tags on dogs when they look like other dogs so we are always positive we send the correct one home; this happens often with the golden retrievers and labs that can all blend together.

Have a great day!